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The CFO International Alliance Summit is a combined event with the 44th Annual Congress hosted by the Italian CFO Association in Capri, Italy during from 6 to 8 October 2022. Global leaders and International experts will share insights on how to leap forward in your business and role as CFO. Join us for the 2 international events:

(1) CFO International Alliance Summit 2022

(2) ANDAF’s XLIV National Congress of Finance Directors


Panel 1 – Opening panel
Topic: International CFO Priorities.
Moderator: David Wray

  • Emmanual Millard, President DFCG, France
  • Helmut Schnabel, President GEFIU, Germany
  • Agostino Scorajenchi, President Andaf, Italy
  • Nicolaas van Wyk, CEO SAIBA South Africa

Panel 2 – sharing best practices and practical tips
Topic: The Digital Transformation Journey
Moderator: Armand Angeli, Chair of the CFO Alliance Digital Transformation Work Group

  • Adriana Rosa, Finance Trasformation and Acounting Operations Manager, Vodafone
  • Anthony Selfert, CDO Valuement Group
  • Stefano Musso, CEO Primeur Group
  • Frank Verbeeten, Professor of Accounting at University of Amsterdam Business School

Panel 3
Topic: The Sustainability Journey towards global baseline standards

  • John Botegga, CEO, EDM Council
  • Carmine Scoglia, Head of Financial Statement, Accountancy & Tax, Terna
  • Carolina Condemi, Financial Statement Reporting, Terna
  • Pieter de Jager, CFO, Tanga Cement PLC

Panel 4
Topic: International Taxation

  • Piergiorgio Valente, Lead Tax Working Group, CFO Alliance

16:45 -17:00
Summit Conclusion

For the International CFO Alliance Summit programme , click here.
For the ANDAF Conference  programme click here.
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(**) Including ANDAF Congress and Gala Dinner. including VAT.


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