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The ICFOA’s membership application process, as outlined in the membership criteria, is designed to ensure that every member contributes positively and significantly to the world of finance.

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Your Journey to Membership
As you embark on your application journey, you will engage in a process of self-reflection and evaluation. The application guide encourages applicants to present comprehensive information about their organization’s alignment with ICFOA standards. This includes detailed responses to how each SMO is met, showcasing the organization’s dedication to excellence in financial leadership.

A Commitment to Excellence
Joining the ICFOA is more than just becoming part of an organization; it’s a commitment to a standard of excellence that benefits the entire financial community. It’s about being part of a global network that values transparency, accountability, and efficiency in financial management.

Review and confirm your adherence to the ICFOA’s established membership criteria:

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Your application for membership is an opportunity for us to learn about you and your organization’s fit with the ICFOA’s values and standards. Please complete it with due diligence. We look forward to your submission and the possibility of welcoming you into our alliance. This application form is your first step towards becoming a part of our dynamic community.

What to Expect in This Application

    • Introduction to ICFOA: Get to know more about our alliance and the significance of this application.
    • Membership Criteria: Review and confirm your adherence to the ICFOA’s established membership criteria.
    • Applicant Details: Provide essential information about yourself and your organization.
    • Duties and Obligations: Understand and commit to the duties and obligations associated with being a member.
    • Self-Assessment: Share how your organization aligns with the ICFOA’s standards through a detailed self-assessment.
    • Submission Guidelines: Familiarize yourself with the submission process, including deadlines and required documents.
    • Declaration: Conclude your application with a declaration and your signature to affirm the accuracy of the information provided.

The International CFO Alliance (ICFOA) is a non-profit organization, classified as an “1901 association law“ entity, and is officially registered in France. It was established as a legal entity in 2023 and is recognized by the Directorate of Legal and Administrative Information (DILA). This status underscores our commitment to operating as a non-profit, dedicated to serving the interests of our members and the CFO profession globally.

Office for correspondence:

13 Rue Paul Valéry, 75116 Paris, France
Telephone: +27(0)12 643 1800


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