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The DFCG stands not just as an association but as a vibrant community of finance professionals dedicated to excellence, innovation, and mutual growth in the world of finance.

Historical Background

Founded in 1964 by financial directors and controllers to exchange ideas about their future. Initially named ANCG (National Association of Controllers and Management Consultants), it became DFCG in 1973, expanding its representation to all corporate finance professions​​.

Membership and Reach

DFCG, a significant force in the French corporate finance sector, has a robust membership base of over 3,000 professionals spread across 17 regions, representing a wide range of companies. These members collectively manage a substantial turnover, totaling more than 600 billion euros. This expansive network not only reflects the DFCG’s influence but also underscores its role as a premier professional association for finance executives in France.

Regarding membership fees, DFCG offers several categories based on professional status: private sector financial executives are charged 575€, while special rates are provided for executives under 36 years, public sector professionals, and those outside the metropolitan area at 255€. Job seekers and retirees can join at a reduced fee of 155€. These fee structures cater to a diverse range of professionals, ensuring inclusivity within the association.

Core Activities and Values

The DFCG aims to federate finance professionals through convivial exchange, sharing, and solidarity. It focuses on continuous professional development, personal recognition, and supporting the transformation of the finance function, including diversity and corporate social responsibility (CSR)​​.

Governance Structure

DFCG’s governance includes a General Assembly of all members, a Directive Council, an Executive Office headed by Emmanuel Millard, a Scientific Committee coordinating exchange group efforts, and a Consultative Committee ensuring the maintenance of the association’s spirit and culture​​.

Membership Benefits and Services

Members benefit from a range of services, including access to an online directory, 17 exchange groups, a comprehensive document space, a collaborative platform, and over 500 national and regional events​​.

Professional Development Programs

DFCG offers 60 training courses annually, taught by finance professionals, in 13 areas of expertise. These are tailored to the needs of corporate finance professionals and also offer custom in-company training options​​.

Supporting Future Finance Professionals

The DFCG Foundation provides scholarships to financially needy students in corporate finance, aiding 40 students annually and having supported 300 students since 2012. It also runs ‘Mon DAF TP’, a platform for connecting business leaders with resources for sustainable and responsible growth​​.

The International CFO Alliance (ICFOA) is a non-profit organization, classified as an “1901 association law“ entity, and is officially registered in France. It was established as a legal entity in 2023 and is recognized by the Directorate of Legal and Administrative Information (DILA). This status underscores our commitment to operating as a non-profit, dedicated to serving the interests of our members and the CFO profession globally.

Office for correspondence:

13 Rue Paul Valéry, 75116 Paris, France
Telephone: +27(0)12 643 1800


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